Located smack bang in the middle of Japan, Shizuoka is home to Japan’s world-famous Shogun culture. Three Shogun in particular that have shaped the nation through the second millennium AD, have strong roots here in Shizuoka. This three-part article series explores the influence of these mighty Shogun, and where you can immerse yourself in their footprints.

First Shogun

First Shogun grew up, and was married, in Izu Peninsula. He set up Japan’s new Governmental system, that would prevail for seven centuries.

Most Famous Shogun

Most Famous Shogun spent more than half of his life in Shizuoka. His years here shaped his influential figure who brought the lasting peace to Japan.

Last Shogun

Last Shogun would oversee a smooth transition of power to Japan’s 19th century new constitutional monarchy Government. He would retire peacefully back to Shogun ancestral roots in Shizuoka