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Experience a world-class race track! Feel just like a race car driver at Fuji SpeedWay!

Fuji SpeedWay, located in the northeast of Shizuoka Prefecture, is a FIA (International Automobile Federation) Grade 1 certified circuit. 

Fuji SpeedWay, which hosts international races where famous racers compete, may seem a bit intimidating to the general public, although its name is well known. 

But in fact, Fuji SpeedWay is also a sightseeing spot that offers thrills and excitement for adults and children alike. 

Visitors can experience driving on the race track and driving in karts. When races are held, they can also camp and enjoy both racing and the outdoors at the same time. It also hosts anime events, and even those who know little about racing and sports cars will find themselves unexpectedly becoming fans of this spot. 

We visited Fuji SpeedWay on a winter day when Mt. Fuji was completely snow-capped, and we would like everyone to see its attractions and how to enjoy them.

You can drive your own car on the race track! Exciting hands-on driving!

The racing course at Fuji SpeedWay, with Mt. Fuji close by, is a special place where heated races, such as SUPER GT, and other races are held. The public is not allowed on the track on days when races are held. However, on days when there are no races being held, you can drive your own car on the course without a special license or sports car!

Fuji SpeedWay Racing Course
Fuji SpeedWay Ticket Office

Since I live in Japan, I tried the hands-on driving in my own car. 

First, purchase a “Hands-on driving ticket” at the driving ticket window in the control center. 

*Please confirm the dates and times for hands-on driving in advance from the hands-on driving calendar. 

You can wait in front of the control center 30 minutes before the start of the hands-on driving. So get in your car and wait in line for the start time. 

When the start time arrives, it is finally time to enter. 

I never thought I would see the day when I could drive by myself on a real race track… I entered the course with a pounding heart. 

There are no traffic lights or oncoming cars at the circuit. Feeling a little nervous, the excitement rises at the sight of an expanding field of vision. 

In the hands-on driving, you can do three laps on the track. The course is 4,563 meters per lap, or approximately 4.5 kilometers. Racers are said to do one lap of this course in about 1:20. They can reach speeds of up to around 300 km/h. When I think of 300 km/h, I think of a bullet train! To reach that speed in a car is an out of this world experience! 

After hearing such stories, I was in the mood for a bit of a thrill in a hands-on driving experience. The straight part of the course was easy to speed through, so I drove all the way to the finish bridge! My maximum speed that day was in the low 120 km/h range, which is not very fast, but it felt great!

Hands-on driving: The feeling of being a race car driver increases even more, as the finish line bridge approaches

I’ve heard it said that the perception changes when the speed exceeds 150 km/h. The race track is a sacred place for racers, where the battle takes place. It is truly a unique experience for us to be able to drive on that very track. 

We were able to successfully complete the hands-on driving experience while thinking about the world of ultra-fast motorsports, wondering how powerful the drivers would feel in an actual race.

From Dunlop Corner, a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji can be seen
The racing track can be overlooked from the grandstand

There’ s even a collaboration menu with a racer! CRANE Garden, a view spot restaurant

“Roniceka Fresh Tomato Pasta” from the Racer Collaboration Menu

We recommend the restaurant with a view CRANE Garden for a meal before or after the racing experience. 

The restaurant has a wide variety of menu items, from tonkatsu set menus and cheese hamburger set menus to noodle dishes. It even has a special menu created in collaboration with the racer. On this day, we had the “Roniceca Fresh Tomato Pasta” from their collaborative menu. 

The serving style is more stylish than the rest of the menu due to the race car driver’s attention to detail. 

Spoons and forks with handles designed like wrenches are also appealing. (spoons and forks are available at the official store.) 

As the name view spot restaurant implies, this restaurant faces the race track and is also a perfect viewing spot. 

It is nice to relax and have a cup of coffee while watching a sports car race. 

CRANE Garden, a view spot restaurant, right in front of the track!

The restaurant staff told me that each table displays a number, and sometimes the signature of the athlete who raced with that number is marked on an infection-prevention clear acrylic plate. He also said that many fans take pictures of them. Be sure to check it out!

Another racer collaboration menu item “Yama Cheka Gyoza Set Meal”. These are authentic dumplings with a hint of garlic
Race car driver’s signature on the acrylic panel at table 14

You can also buy original goods! The official store CRAIN BOX

In the same building as the restaurant is the official store, CRAIN BOX, which sells original goods from Fuji SpeedWay and other racing-related items. 

The same clothing and hats as the racers are available for sale, as well as other goods that even non-motor sports fans will want to have. Why not get some as a souvenir for your family and friends?

Fuji SpeedWay original goods
Team wear is also available for purchase

Family Friendly! Wind-driven kart ride experience

Fuji SpeedWay has a karting experience that you can enjoy.  

The kart track is 520 meters per lap. You can do 7 laps in the experience, and lap times are also measured for the second through fifth laps. After the experience, you will receive a printout of the measured record, so you can challenge yourself to drive with speed in mind. 

On this day, a high school student from Okayama Prefecture was trying his hand at driving a kart. He told us that the karting, where he could feel the wind directly on his skin, made him feel the speed faster than the actual speed, which was more exciting than thrilling, and he enjoyed it very much.

Good job to the high school students from Okayama Prefecture who completed the cart ride experience!

The cart ride is open to anyone over 145cm in height. For children under 145cm in height, there are two-person tandem cart that can be ridden with a parent or guardian, so why not bring the whole family for a cart ride at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Two-person tandem cart
Running the track with the wind out of the blue sky


Fuji SpeedWay is a world-class motorsports circuit in Shizuoka Prefecture, where you can drive while enjoying the view of the symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji. International races held at Fuji SpeedWay bring famous racers from all over the world and attract the attention of motor fans around the world.

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