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Eight scenic spots that you can discover at the end of a stroll in the air on a ropeway or lift!

Mt. Fuji, Suruga Bay, the Izu Peninsula, Lake Hamana, tea fields and rice paddies that stretch as far as the eye can see… Shizuoka Prefecture is full of rich nature and beautiful rural landscapes. Why not take a ropeway or lift to look down at the majestic scenery that Shizuoka Prefecture is famous for? You’re sure to be thrilled by the views you can’t see on the ground! Here, we will be introducing eight scenic spots with amazing views which will arouse your curiosity that can be visited by ropeway, lift, or cable car. Let’s go take a stroll in the air and check out the spectacular sights!

○Izu Area
Aijo Misaki and Atami Castle (Atami City)

From the valley station near Atami Port, take the Atami Ropeway all the way up the steep cliffs of Mt. Hachiman, and you will be rewarded with a dynamic view of the city of Atami and the bright blue waters of Sagami Bay below. After enjoying the breathtaking sights of the Hakone mountain range, Sagami Bay, and the Boso Peninsula from the “Umisora Terrace” located at the tip of the Aijo Misaki Observatory at the summit, we recommend visiting Atami Castle, which is just a few minutes on foot from the mountain top station. From the 43-meter high castle tower, you can see not only the city of Atami, but also Hatsushima and Oshima Island floating in Sagami Bay on a clear day.

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Mt. Omuro (Ito City)

Mt. Omuro, which has an impressive bowl-like shape and has been designated as a national natural treasure, is a popular spot of the Izu Peninsula Geopark. You can climb up the steep 33-degree ascent to the 580-meter-high summit on a lift, where you can enjoy the various colors of the mountain surface throughout the four seasons, which turns light green in spring, deep green in summer, golden in autumn, and gray in winter after the controlled burning of the mountains. The trail at the top of the mountain, which extends approximately 1 km, offers a panoramic view of Izu Oshima, the Izu Islands, the Southern Alps, the Amagi mountain range, and Mt. Fuji. You can even experience archery at the crater ruins.

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Komuroyama Ridge Walk “MISORA” (Ito City)

Mt. Komuro is a 321-meter-high scoria cone known as one of the most scenic spots in Izu. Take the open-air lift from the base station and enjoy a 5-minute aerial walk to the top of the mountain. In April 2021, the “Misora” Ridge Walk, which circles the summit, was completed, offering an even more beautiful 360-degree panoramic view. We also recommend visiting Komuroyama Park at the foot of the mountain during the azalea blooming season from late April to early May. The collaboration between the azalea fields that fill the park and Mt. Fuji is truly a sight to behold.

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Mt. Nesugata Nature Park (Shimoda City)

Mt. Nesugata got its name from the ridge line at the crest which looks like the outline of a woman sleeping on her back. As you ride the stylish ropeway modeled after the “The Royal Express” at the foot of the mountain, you will gradually see the cityscape of Shimoda and the bright blue sea sprawling in front of you on your right. You’ll arrive at the summit in no time at all as you enjoy the view. The park that extends at the top of the mountain is known for its spectacular view and as a “power spot” for those looking for love and marriage. The view from the observatory, in particular, is considered one of the “Three Great Views of Izu” along with the Dogashima Tensodo Cave and Cape Irozaki in Minami-Izu Town. The observatory also overlooks Shimoda Port, known as the site of the “arrival of the black ships” led by Commodore Perry, the Seven Islands of Izu, and Amagi mountain range. Seasonal flowers bloom beautifully along the promenade in the park, and the Aizendo Temple, a popular spot for those seeking good fortune in marriage, are among the highlights of the area.

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Izu Panorama Park (Izunokuni City)

Take the 1,800-meter-long ropeway and head for Izu Panorama Park at the top of 452-meter-high Mt. Katsuragi. From the gondola, you can see the rural landscape and townscape of Izunokuni City below. Enjoy the majestic views of Mt. Fuji and the colorful Suruga Bay that first come into view when you reach the top. You can also spend an elegant moment while admiring the expansive view from the Ao Terrace observation deck, which was renovated and reopened in April 2021.

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Jukkokutoge (Kannami Town)

Jukkokutoge, which has been designated as a national natural treasure, can be reached by a cable car approximately 300 meters in length. Jukkokutoge is part of a volcano created by the collision of Izu and Honshu, and in the past, the ten provinces of Izu, Sagami, Suruga, Totomi, Kai, Awa, Kazusa, Shimousa, Musashi, and Shinano could be seen from the summit, which is the origin of its name. The spectacular view, with Mt. Fuji to the north, Suruga Bay to the west, and Sagami Bay to the east, has inspired many prominent artists and literary figures, including Katsushika Hokusai’s “Picture Scroll of Mt. Higane in Izu Province”. Please come and experience the spectacular view that has captivated people over the years with your own eyes.

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○Central Area
Kunozan Toshogu Shrine (Shizuoka City)

Kunozan Toshogu Shrine, which enshrines Tokugawa Ieyasu and has been designated as a national treasure, can be reached in about 5 minutes by the Nihondaira Ropeway from Nihondaira, a scenic spot that once took first place in a competition for the top 100 sightseeing destinations in Japan. From the ropeway, you can look down on the precipitous cliffs referred to as “Byobu Dani” and Suruga Bay. After getting off the ropeway is the main shrine building, which was built in what is called the Gongen-zukuri style, that appears after passing through the gleaming tower gate. The main shrine enshrining the spirit of god and the worship hall where visitors come to pray are connected by an “ishinoma”. The gorgeous carvings of the main shrine and the worship hall, painted in rich colors and lacquered, are worth the visit on their own.

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Western Area
Mt. Okusa Observation Deck and Hamanako Orgel Museum (Hamamatsu City)

“Kanzanji Ropeway” is the only ropeway in Japan that passes over a lake. Take the ropeway and head for Mt. Okusa, which is rich in natural beauty. When you look back, you can see the horizon of the Pacific Ocean gently arcing across the Enshu Sea, and you’ll surely be overwhelmed by the magnificent scenery during the 4-minute ride. The entrance to the ropeway at the top of the mountain is located next to the Hamanako Orgel Museum, and at the rooftop observation deck, the gentle tones of the carillon (bells), from which the orgel (organ) is said to have originated, can be heard at the top of every hour. Enjoy a panoramic view of the Enshu Sea while listening to the gentle sounds of the orgel.

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