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Enjoy an elegant moment at the Izu Panorama Park Ao Terrace and take in the spectacular view of Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay!

Izu Panorama Park, which is located in Izunokuni City, is a popular tourist spot that offers spectacular views of Mt. Fuji, Suruga Bay, and the mountains of Izu.
In addition to the beautiful scenic views, the facility offers nature walks, delicious cuisine, private spaces, and athletic fields, and is recommended for everyone from children to adults.

Izu Panorama Park was recently renovated in 2021 and has become an attractive spot to enjoy the panoramic view with more openness and elegance! Today we will introduce all the main attractions and highlights of the facility.

Take a stroll in the air on a ropeway while enjoying the expansive view

Izu Panorama Park (foot of the mountain)

We arrived at Izu Panorama Park and immediately boarded the ropeway.
The ropeway is boarded from the second floor of the facility at the foot of the mountain, where you can find a store selling souvenirs as well as an Italian restaurant.
This ropeway is approximately 1,800 meters long. The normal operating speed is surprisingly fast at 4 meters per second or about 14 kilometers per hour. It takes approximately 7 minutes and 30 seconds to reach the summit.
As you get higher in the air, the view gradually expands to include the peaceful rural landscape of Izu-Nagaoka, the cityscape of Izunokuni City, Mt. Fuji, and Suruga Bay.
We reached the summit of the 452-meter-high mountain in no time while admiring the vast scenery.

When you get off the ropeway and step out of the building, you are greeted by one of the best views in Shizuoka Prefecture of Hakone, Mt. Fuji, and Suruga Bay. The spectacular view will surely make you want to run out toward it.

A peaceful rural landscape extends below
A grand panoramic view extends beyond the deck

Highlights of Izu Panorama Park Ao Terrace

Water Basin No. 1 at the Ao Terrace – Lighting up the spectacular view with brilliant blue colors

The first thing that immediately catches your eye when you get to the observation deck at the top of the mountain, called the “Ao Terrace”, is the bright blue water basin.
There are a total of three water basins, each designed with the concept of “water reflecting the blue of Mt. Fuji, Suruga Bay, and the sky”.
The beautiful blue color of the water basin makes the sweeping view even more vivid and mystical.
One of the three water basins, an elongated trapezoidal basin in the center of the deck, shows a reflection of an upside-down Mt. Fuji on the surface of the water when the weather is clear. (Depending on the intensity of sunlight and time of day.)
The grand panoramic view from the Ao Terrace that you can enjoy while feeling the gentle breeze is something you will never get tired of looking at.

Water Basin No. 2 at the Ao Terrace- If the conditions are right, an upside-down Mt. Fuji is reflected onto the surface of the water
Water Basin No. 3 at the Ao Terrace – Private space “The Water Lounge”

Although it feels refreshing just looking at the scenery, there are also two private spaces here where you can enjoy the view while having tea and sweets, or just relax and chat with your loved ones.

Katsuragi Saryo Private Gazebo

Katsuragi Saryo Private Gazebo

There are four booths at the “Katsuragi Saryo Private Gazebo”, located at the back of the Cafe-Katsuragi Saryo.
The booths, which are partitioned by wood panels, offer a private space like a wooden veranda where you can relax.
We recommend making a reservation in advance.

The Water Lounge

The other private space is called “The Water Lounge”, which is located down the stairs on the right after getting off the ropeway.
This 14-seat lounge offers sunshades to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It also faces one of the blue water basins, so you can see the beautiful shimmering water created by the sun’s rays on the surface of the water in front of you when sitting in a chair. And on the other side, the majestic Mt. Fuji and the bright blue Suruga Bay spread out before you, so you can gaze at the view while forgetting about the time.

Enjoy a moment of relaxation in the shade at The Water Lounge

How to use the lounge

The lounge can be used by purchasing one or more items at Katsuragi Coffee. (All users must purchase at least one item. The duration that the lounge can be used for is 30 minutes or less.)
(*The lounge may not be available depending on the weather, the number of people there, etc.)

Enjoy eating sweets while gazing at the spectacular view at Ao Terrace!

Wouldn’t it be great to relax, drink coffee and eat sweets while enjoying the panoramic view?
For those of you who agree, we would like to introduce the two cafes located at Ao Terrace.

Katsuragi Coffee

Katsuragi Coffee

Katsuragi Coffee, located just off the ropeway, is a cafe based on a modern Japanese-style concept.
We recommend their drip coffee, café latte, and coffee-flavored soft-serve ice cream that is accented with the aroma and bitterness of coffee.
Katsuragi Coffee’s most popular non-alcoholic cocktails are brightly colored and perfect to show off on SNS! Enjoy their mildly sweet and refreshing taste.

The Katsuragi Sunrise (left) and Suruga Ocean are two of the most popular non-alcoholic cocktails
Coffee soft serve ice cream and the mango caramel soft serve ice cream, which is available for a limited time only

Katsuragi Saryo

Katsuragi Saryo

At Katsuragi Saryo, which is located on the water basin side, you can enjoy light meals made with Suruga Bay specialties such as the sakura shrimp kakiage (mixed tempura) udon and shirasu (whitebait) rice bowl, as well as Japanese sweets such as irodori dango (tricolor dumplings).

The best part of Katsuragi Saryo is the amazing view! The restaurant has large windows, so you can gaze at Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay from your seat inside the restaurant.
There is also a seating area on the deck outside the restaurant for a more open-air experience.

View from the outdoor deck seats at Katsuragi Saryo

More aerial park attractions at Izu Panorama Park!

We’ve already introduced many attractions that you can enjoy at Izu Panorama Park, but we’re not done yet! Beyond this, there are more areas where you can experience the beautiful scenery and nature of Mt. Katsuragi and the customs and culture of the Izu-Nagaoka area.

Enjoy more spectacular views at the Fujimi no Ashiyu footbath

Walk past Katsuragi Saryo toward the mountain path, and soon you will see a footbath on your right.
Here at the Fujimi no Ashiyu footbath, you can see Mt. Fuji from a different angle from that of the Ao Terrace.

Towels are also sold here, so please ask the staff if you need one.
*The footbath can be enjoyed free of charge.

Photo frame for taking a commemorative photo with Mt. Fuji

After passing the footbath, you will arrive at a large space at the top of the mountain a couple of minutes away.
There is a photo spot where Mt. Fuji looks like it is framed next to the observatory at the top of the mountain, so be sure to take a commemorative photo together with the spectacular view.


If you continue walking further along, the mountain path turns into a boardwalk paved with wooden planks. The boardwalk is lined with trees on both sides, making it seem as if you are walking through a tunnel of trees.

Taking a stroll along the paths with beautiful seasonal scenery such as fresh greenery and autumn leaves is very pleasant, and your body and mind will feel relaxed as you walk.

Saezuri no Oka Observatory

Saezuri no Oka Observatory

Just past the boardwalk is the “Saezuri no Oka Observatory”, which offers scenic views of Nakaizu in the opposite direction of Mt. Fuji, including Shuzenji, Amagi Pass, Mt. Omuro, and Kano River.

As the name suggests, the view of the green forest from this observatory, where you can also hear the chirping of birds such as Japanese nightingales, will also soothe your soul. By the way, when I visited in August, the sounds of the buzzing cicadas were louder than the chirping of the birds.

Lover’s Sanctuary/Shiawase no Kane (Bell of Happiness)

Shiawase no Kane (Bell of Happiness)

On the deck at the end of the observatory which overlooks Mt. Fuji is the “Shiawase no Kane”.
This bell of happiness is considered a symbol of the “lover’s sanctuary”.
Izu Panorama Park has been selected as a lover’s sanctuary by the “Lover’s Sanctuary Selection Committee”.
If you’re visiting as a couple, don’t forget to take a commemorative photo with your partner!

Katsuragi Shrine, Katsuragi Jizoson and Geta Kuyozuka

Torii gate of Katsuragi Shrine and Mt. Fuji

Izu Panorama Park also has various spots related to local beliefs, such as Katsuragi Shrine, Katsuragi Jizoson, and Geta Kuyozuka.

Katsuragi Shrine has a long history dating back to the Heian period, and the name of Mt. Katsuragi is also said to have been derived from this shrine.

The shrine serves as a reminder that the summit of Mt. Katsuragi, where Izu Panorama Park is located, was a sacred place for the people in the community.

Katsuragi Shrine

Hanafuji Flower Craft and Log Athletic Square

In addition, there is the “Hanafuji Flower Craft” where seasonal flowers are planted and the “Log Athletic Square” where children can play, making it a place where you can have a fun time with your family, as a couple, or with your friends.

The “Hanafuji Flower Craft” seasonal flower sculpture
Log Athletic Square

Restaurants and recommended souvenirs at the foot of Izu Panorama Park

Now, let us introduce the various facilities located at the foot of the mountain in Izu Panorama Park.

Trattoria Izu Paradiso

Izu Panorama Park “Trattoria Izu Paradiso”

Trattoria Izu Paradiso is an Italian restaurant that offers pasta, pizza, meat, and fish dishes using local ingredients based on the concept of if the city of Izu was in Italy, instead of Japan.
We highly recommend the pizza, which is made by hand from the dough using authentic Italian wheat. The pizzas, which have a delicious crispy and doughy texture, are baked in an authentic pizza oven that can be seen in the kitchen through the glass as you enter the restaurant.

Pets are welcome in the terrace seating area, so please spend a pleasant time here with your loved ones.

Appetizers are served in small portions so women can enjoy a variety of tastes
Brick oven pizza topped with locally sourced shirasu (whitebait) from Shizuoka Prefecture

Izu no Shunsai Market

At the “Izu no Shunsai Ichiba” (Izu’s Shunsai Market), a store at the foot of the mountain, locally grown vegetables and fruits, processed foods made from them, fashionable Fuji goods, and other products unique to Izu are sold.

At the “Izu no Shunsai Market” located at the foot of the mountain, you can purchase locally-grown vegetables and fruits, processed foods made from the vegetables and fruits, stylish Mt. Fuji-themed goods, and other products unique to Izu. The “Mt. Fuji Yokan” is the most popular item among them, particularly the lemon-flavored yokan with its beautiful blue color, which is an Izu Panorama Park original.

Fruit jams and pickled vegetables from Izu
The most popular item, the Mt. Fuji Yokan
The second most popular item, the canned fatty tuna


We hope you visit Izu Panorama Park and spend a luxurious time with your loved ones.

The official website of Izu Panorama Park: https://www.panoramapark.co.jp/en

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