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Hamamatsu Flower Park ~Enjoy a healing and inspiring experience at the theme park with flowers from around the world~

Since Hamamatsu Flower Park was established in 1970, it has been a popular recreational spot among the residents of Hamamatsu City . In 2013, Konami Tsukamoto, Japan’s first female arborist, was appointed as the chief director, and the park’s attractive displays attract many visitors from throughout Japan and abroad.

In 2020, the 50th anniversary of the park’s opening, the large fountain was renovated.
A ramp car was installed near the main greenhouse, allowing visitors to move down the ramp as if they were riding an elevator and making it much more accessible for people with limited mobility, wheelchairs, and baby strollers.

Today we would like to introduce Hamamatsu Flower Park, which continues to evolve into an amazing park that offers not only beautiful seasonal flowers but also healing and inspiring experiences.

Access and admission fees vary from season to season

Hamamatsu Flower Park is conveniently located near Lake Hamana, just 5 minutes by car from the Tomei Expressway Kanzanji Smart IC and about 15 minutes by car from the Hamamatsu-Nishi IC.

The admission fee varies from season to season. The park is also connected to the adjacent Hamamatsu Zoological Gardens, and special discount tickets that can be used to enjoy both facilities are also available.

*For details, please visit the official website of Hamamatsu Flower Park below.

The triangular flower bed and large fountain are the landmarks of Hamamatsu Flower Park!

After walking through the front gate and past the Welcome Garden with seasonal flowers, you will see a triangular flower bed and a large fountain directly in front of you.

A cheerful smiling face was drawn on the triangular flower bed with flowers, but the design is occasionally changed, so it provides a sense of excitement every time you visit. Also, since the park was established, it has been a popular lunch spot for children visiting on field trips, so it has become a landmark flower bed of Hamamatsu Flower Park that remains etched in the minds of local Hamamatsu residents.

Triangular flower bed and large fountain show

A large fountain show is held exactly every hour and every 30 minutes at the fountain pond. The fountain has images of flowers blooming and swans flying over a lake, and the music is by Toyono Suzuki, a composer and arranger from Hamamatsu. They are particular about the acoustics, so visitors can enjoy a fountain show unique to Hamamatsu, which is known as the “city of music”.

The Flower Train is like a ride from a fairyland!

The Flower Train is like a ride from a fairyland

With over 300,000 square meters of botanical gardens, Hamamatsu Flower Park is about 6.4 times the size of Tokyo Dome. We recommend riding the Flower Train for taking a tour of the very spacious park.

The Flower Train circles the park in approximately 15 minutes. There are five stops, so you can get on and off at any stop you like, and you can get a great view of the wide range of flower gardens so you’ll be feeling great!

There are three different courses available for those who wish to walk around the park on their own and enjoy viewing the flowers, so get a map and enjoy the trek!

Lawn square rest area
Mosaiculture sculptures next to the large greenhouse

Seasonal highlights

Hamamatsu Flower Park features a variety of flower relays throughout the year, and here we will introduce some of the highlights for each season.

Spring ~Dream fairyland decorated with cherry blossoms and tulips~

A competition between tulips and cherry blossoms blooming all over

In late March, a competition between 500,000 tulips and 1,300 cherry trees marks the arrival of spring in Lake Hamana.

The scenery is so beautiful that you’ll think you’ve wandered into a fairyland. More than 100 varieties of tulips can be found in the park, and each flower bed is designed with a different color scheme, turning each location into a photo spot. A wide range of colors and shapes, as well as early, mid, and late blooming varieties are planted, so you can enjoy a completely different view of the same flower beds a week later.

After the cherry blossoms and tulips, the blooming of the Japanese wisteria flowers begins, creating a beautiful gradation of purple and white.
At the Rose Garden created under the supervision of Takashi Kawai, who also oversees the Yokohama English Garden, colorful roses are in full bloom to weave a breathtaking natural beauty together with the perennial plants.

Spring flowers in full bloom at the Smile Garden
Rose Garden

Chief Director Konami Tsukamoto posing with Japanese wisteria flowers

Chief Director Konami Tsukamoto

Here, we will be introducing Konami Tsukamoto, the chief director of Hamamatsu Flower Park, and the Japanese wisteria flowers, which she specializes in cultivating.

Konami Tsukamoto, who was appointed as the chief director of Hamamatsu Flower Park in 2013, is Japan’s first female arborist. She is also famous for her significant contribution to the rebuilding of Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi (栃木) Prefecture by transplanting four giant 130-year-old wisteria trees to the facility.

Ms. Tsukamoto’s wisteria trellises in Hamamatsu Flower Park have been growing in volume year by year, and now cover an area of approximately 3,000 square meters.

From around late April, the 80-meter-long purple Kyu-shaku Fuji wisteria flowers and the 20-meter-long Yae-kokuryu Fuji wisteria flowers are in full bloom. The 70-meter-long Shiro Fuji wisteria flowers, which are in full bloom by around Golden Week, are characterized by their sweet fragrance, so you can enjoy an elegant stroll while looking up at the clusters of flowers blooming overhead.

In addition, there are 100 potted plants of flowers in five colors including white, pink, and purple, and more than 20 rare garden plants, so you can discover the profound charm of wisteria flowers.

Another highlight is the “Fuji & Smile Garden Light-Up” that began in 2019 to allow visitors to enjoy viewing the wisteria flowers in full bloom during the night. Why not we get absorbed by the beautiful flowers that shine even brighter under the lights? (Period: Late April to late May)

The “170-meter wisteria trellis” produced by Konami Tsukamoto, a pioneer of wisteria cultivation and the chief director of Hamamatsu Flower Park, creates a mystical space on a grand scale
Fuji & Smile Garden Light-Up (Period: Late April to late May)

Summer ~It looks just like a painting! The Picturesque Garden that blooms even in the heat~

In early summer, the rows of hydrangea trees, the wild hydrangea garden, and the iris garden in the Japanese garden are in full bloom.

In July and August, the lotus flowers, sunflowers, and yellow cosmos bloom vigorously. The view of the flowers blooming powerfully under the sun is like what you see in an oil painting. Let’s receive lots of power to get you through the summer from these midsummer flowers!

Lotus flowers also bloom in the waterfowl pond. If you take a stroll while gazing at the pale pink lotus flowers floating on the surface of the lake, all of your stress from your daily life will magically disappear, and before you know it, your mind will be at peace.

Row of hydrangea trees
Sunflowers (flower beds under the plum garden)

Autumn ~Heal your body and mind with the flowers fluttering in the wind at the Healing Garden~

In early autumn from September to October, red, white, yellow, and pink spider lilies bloom elegantly as they sway in the autumn breeze. It is said that swallowtail butterflies often fly to this flower, making it an excellent photo spot.

In October and November, beautiful purple Mexican bush sage and autumn roses are the main attractions. Autumn roses are said to be beautiful and fragrant even when there are only a few in number, compared to early summer when many flowers are in full bloom and brightly colored. And then the relay of autumn flowers continues to the cosmos and chrysanthemums!

Spider lilies
Mexican bush sage

Winter ~The flowers sparkle even in the cold season at the Amazing Park~

You may think that there are not many flowers that bloom in the winter, but what makes Hamamatsu Flower Park so special is that it can be enjoyed even in the middle of winter!

From late November to December, a flower illumination event with over one million sparkling LED lights is held. During this period, the fountain pond and other areas of the park are enveloped in gentle lights, and the Crystal Palace, the large greenhouse, is decorated with Christmas lights.

From January to February, as the rape blossoms, red and white plum blossoms, early-blooming Kanzanji cherry blossoms and Kawazu cherry blossoms gradually bloom and light up the park, and then the season turns to spring again.

At Hamamatsu Flower Park, you can feel the breath of life throughout the year.

Mystical illuminations and large fountain show
Kanzanji cherry blossoms

The Crystal Palace, a large greenhouse where everything will look great on SNS

Large greenhouse Crystal Palace

When you think of a greenhouse, you may think of tropical plants, but the main character of this glass-enclosed Crystal Palace is “flowers.”

The theme changes six times a year, creating a seasonal display that tells a story and it is always filled with colorful flowers no matter when you visit. The greenhouse is designed and decorated entirely by the staff. Their compassion for the flowers can be seen in the beautiful appearance of the well-maintained flowers.

Rose soft serve ice cream (topped with rose jelly)

There is a cafe in the greenhouse, so let’s have a quick break. We recommend the “rose soft serve ice cream”, which has the aroma of damask rose and is made with the natural pigment of red yeast rice.

The natural scent of the damask rose will immerse you in a feeling of elegance.

With the gondola-type ramp car next to the large Crystal Palace greenhouse, it takes only a minute and a half to elevate 15 meters

Enjoy dishes made with carefully selected ingredients at “Hana no Sanpomichi”

Well, after walking around the park and getting hungry, go to the restaurant.

Today, we had lunch at the cafe restaurant “Hana no Sanpomichi” located inside the main entrance. We highly recommend the “Majime na Vegetable Curry” made with fresh vegetables grown at Konami Tsukamoto’s farm, and the “Konami Soft Serve Premium” topped with “Furamaru Honey” , which is harvested and collected in the park. (*”Furamaru” is the name of Hamamatsu Flower Park’s mascot character.)

Majime na Vegetable Curry
Konami Soft Premium Ice Cream
Fruit sandwich from “Rusoma Cafe Flower Park”

There are other cafes in the park, including “Rusoma Sand Cafe”, a cafe specializing in cream cheese sandwiches, and “Rusoma Cafe Flower Park”. The photogenic fruit sandwiches are perfect to enjoy as a light snack and for posting on social media.


We look forward to your visit to Hamamatsu Flower Park, a healing and inspiring spot that you will want to visit again and again.

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