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Look at the new spot “YAGI NO OKA COTTAGE” in Gotemba Tokinosumika with Mt. Fuji, canoe, BBQ, and hot springs!

Gotemba is easily accessible from the Tokyo metropolitan area and has tourist attractions such as nature, sightseeing, shopping, and the outdoors. Among them, we would like to introduce “YAGI NO OKA COTTAGE”, a single-building rental accommodation facility in Gotemba Tokinosumika, which is famous for its hot springs, illuminations, and fountain shows. We will introduce the different ways to enjoy and recommend their use for families, groups, seniors, and corporate training programs.

Let’s look at the 2-story “Goat’s Hill Cottage” reserved for one building!

First, check-in at the Blueberry Lodge front desk.

The exterior of “YAGI NO OKA COTTAGE”

There are 10 family cottages and 5 workstation cottages surrounding the canoe pond.

Inside the cottage: Living room

Once you go inside, the scent of wood fills the air and the room is bright. It completely changes the image of a conventional mountain lodge cottage. The interior is made of natural wood, so it is cool in summer and warm in winter. The flooring of the cedar boards is comfortable to the touch.

There is a kitchen, heated flooring living room, bathroom, toilet, and a wooden deck on the 1st floor. The bedroom and free space on the 2nd floor have the same basic layout as all cottages, but the atmosphere changes with different fabrics such as curtains and sofas.

Inside the cottage: Kitchen

There are also cooking utensils such as tableware and microwave ovens in the kitchen, so you can bring your own ingredients and cook for yourself.

Inside the cottage: Washroom Space

The washroom space has enough amenities for the number of guests, so there is no need to bring large luggage.


I would like to recommend this chair here. The soft cushions and the hammock fabric that wraps you up to your legs are truly dreamy. If the weather is nice, you can see Mt. Fuji in front of you. The time you spend just relaxing in the hammock is just heavenly.

Inside the cottage: Bedroom
Inside the family cottage: Free space

There are two free spaces and two bedrooms on the left and right on the second floor, and two sets of futons are prepared in the closet.

Kids will love the pop-up tents and Mt. Fuji-shaped chairs in the free space of the family cottages!

Inside the cottages for working vacationers: Free space

The free space of the cottages for working vacationers is equipped with a vertically movable desk and whiteboard, a comfortable gaming chair for long hours of work, and business Wi-Fi.

You can even work in the clear air of nature or have a video conference in the cottage. Between work, take a coffee break overlooking Mt. Fuji, or take a break by kayaking with the children.

Families and groups will enjoy kayaking, hot springs, and illumination

The cottage is rented as a building with a capacity of 6 people, so it is recommended for families and groups.

There are also restaurants and paid activities such as kayaking, bouldering, MTB (electric bike), and strawberry picking (December to mid-May), which is enough to spend the whole day.

Goats raised in the area

Moreover, the accommodation plan includes a special passport to “Natural Hot Spring Kirakubou” with various baths such as carbonated springs, herbal baths, and Bicho charcoal baths, “Underwater Paradise AQUARIUM” displaying 4,500 goldfish of 200 species collected from all over Japan, and “Castle Hill,” which is the highest fountain show in Japan with a maximum height of 150 m, so one night is not enough.

A wide range of activities are available, including kayaking and other activities

The instructor gives a lecture on kayaking from the basics and the ride is stable, so beginners and children can participate (9 years old and over, reservations required).

If you get hungry, you can have lunch or dinner at the restaurant in the park, but we also recommend teppanyaki and hot pot dishes in the winter, and BBQ on the wooden deck in the summer.

You can also enjoy BBQ

Why don’t you enjoy the outdoor resort at the foot of Mt. Fuji with your families and friends!

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