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Mishima Skywalk: Japan’s longest bridge isn’t just about the length! Let’s Enjoy the scenery and activities!

At a whopping 400 meters, the Mishima Skywalk is famous for being the longest walking suspension bridge in Japan (as of February 2020). Located in Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture, you can catch stunning views of Suruga Bay and Mt. Fuji from the bridge.

Read on to learn more about the Mishima Skywalk bridge!

Cross the longest bridge in Japan!

First, buy the ticket.

I went on a weekday in March 2020. It wasn’t that crowded and I was able to purchase tickets smoothly.

The longer the bridge, the bigger the towers, right? I’ve never seen such big bridge towers before.

Here’s a shot taken from a slight angle. It sure is long. The mountains are a little brown, seeing as springtime is just around the corner, but it brings out the fresh, blue color of the bridge. It makes you want to see the views in the spring and summertime, too!

The most beautiful view in Japan, from the longest bridge in Japan

It’s so long that you can’t see the other side.

I took the photo above when I had just started crossing the bridge and looked to the other side.

There are other people in the shot as well, of course, but I was surprised at how small the tower on the opposite side appears from here. It should be the same size as the tower on this side. Combined with this liberating view, the 400-meter distance feels infinitely far away.

And… It shakes more than I’d expected! It’s a suspension bridge, so obviously it would shake, but I couldn’t move forward without holding onto the handrails.

In the midst of that, when I glanced to the side…

What a view…

I was so surprised by the swaying of the bridge that I’d forgotten all about it. This photo shows a view of urban areas in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture!

Not only can you see Mishima City and Numazu City, you can even see out to the Izu Peninsula and Fuji City.

With the breathtaking panorama, my fear of shaking was gone.

Some of you readers might also have a fear of high places. Of course, I wouldn’t want you to push yourself too far! But I’m also a little afraid of heights, and the gorgeous view from the Mishima Skywalk blew my fears away! This view is worth seeing, so please give it a shot!

Now that I’ve crossed the bridge, I would like to show you around the various facilities and activities available on the premises!

Not just a bridge! The cornucopia of activities will make you want to come back again and again

There are several places by the Mishima Skywalk where you can experience the latest activities.

Go to the “Forest Adventure” where you can feel the great outdoors

The north area across the bridge from the entrance is the main activity facility.

And of course, there are cafes and other places to relax!

Get your thrills on the long zip line!!

I’ve seen similar activities on a smaller scale, but never this long!

It’s 560 meters there and back – even longer than the bridge itself. I bet the thrill you get from sliding down this distance is something you can’t experience anywhere else. With Mt. Fuji and the city streets of eastern Shizuoka Prefecture filling your entire field of vision, you can feel the wind beneath your wings as you fly like a bird along the zip line!

Ride the newest vehicles!

At the Forest Adventure in the northern area, you can ride vehicles that you don’t normally get to experience in daily life, such as ATVs and Segways.

Enjoy shopping in the Sky Garden!

I recommend the Sky Garden, which is in the southern area, on the entrance side of the bridge.

There’s a flower arch by the entrance, and some visitors were taking pictures there.

Come in through the arch, and you’ll be greeted by the most magical sight of flowers hanging from the ceiling.

Here you will find a variety of shops where you can buy gift souvenirs and enjoy lunch.

The products on display are as colorful as the flowers.

You can enjoy shopping and eating surrounded by flowers, so it might be a good idea to walk around with your smartphone in one hand, looking for that perfect Instagram shot.

I was also taking photos and forgot that I was supposed to be covering this place for my article…


So, what did you think of the Mishima Skywalk?

There are lots of other things to enjoy here, besides those I’ve covered in this article, so please come and check it out for yourself!

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