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Enjoy a sea trip on the Suruga Bay Ferry! Introducing inboard limited gourmet

“Prefectural Road 223” is a ferry route with a total length of about 30 km connecting Shimizu Port in Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City to Toi, Izu City. It is a prefectural road on the sea, which is rare in Japan. This time, I will introduce plenty of ways to enjoy a trip on the sea by boarding the Suruga Bay Ferry from Shimizu Port. 

Suruga-Wan Ferry is such a ship

15 minutes by car from Shimizu Interchange on the Tomei Expressway to Shimizu Port. If you use the Suruga Bay Ferry on Prefectural Road 223, you can get from Shizuoka Shimizu Port to Nishiizu Toi Port in just 70 minutes. Cars and motorcycles can also board, making it very convenient. By the way, it takes about 110 minutes from Shimizu Port to Toi Port by land. It can be reduced by as much as 40 minutes. 

Shimizu Port

In late April, I went to the Suruga Bay Ferry stop at Shimizu Port. The weather was beautiful on this day, and I was able to photograph Mt. Fuji and the Route 223 signboard together. Why not take a picture with Mt. Fuji at this photo spot? 

When you head to Shimizu Port, the man at the booth will guide you. In the case of a car, park your car in the parking line, and then buy a ticket at the ticket office in the building. After that, wait in the waiting room or in the car until there is a boarding guide. In the case of a car, it is best to make reservations for boarding via the Internet. 

Marine terminal

Get the car on board, and finally leave the port

There is an announcement of boarding, and then head upstairs. On the back deck, there are stalls on board such as “Fujimiyaki” (oban-yaki) featuring Route 223 by “Kuritaya”, as well as on-board stall gourmet food such as takoyaki, grilled squid, and shaved ice (summer only). 

Fujimiyaki (oban-yaki)

In addition, there is a “Ferry’s Cafe” that sells original ferry goods, ice gelato, coffee, etc. in the cabin. There are also plenty of goods such as Route 223 stickers, snacks, and key chains. 

223 (Fuji) Baum

Also, “Yataro,” famous for the “Jiichiro” brand, is “223 (Fuji) Baum” limited to Suruga Bay Ferry is released! It is a blue Baumkuchen inspired by Suruga Bay, and you can enjoy the vanilla scent and moist texture. It is topped with blue jelly made from ” Butterfly Pea,” which is used as a herbal tea, and it is a product that is beautiful to look at.

If you want to enjoy a relaxing boat trip, we recommend a special room. 

A special room, “Ocean Room” where you can sit in plush and comfortable seats, is available for a small fee. Comes with coffee and small sweets. The plush, reclining seats make boat trips very enjoyable.

Ocean Room

“Suruga Bay Gelato No. 223” named after Route 223

“Nanaya” is known for the strongest matcha gelato in the world! The Shizuoka matcha gelato from “Nanaya” is numbered from “No. 1” to “No. 7”, but this collaboration gelato is named after Prefectural Road 223 “Suruga Bay,” numbered “Gelato No. 223.” Creamy, salted-milk flavor using 100% salt from Suruga Bay’s deep water. It is a limited edition sweet that can only be tasted on the Suruga Bay Ferry. 

Gelato No. 223
This is a picture of Shimizu Port and Mt. Fuji after leaving Shimizu Port for a while
When you come to the area around Mt. Fuji, you can take pictures of only the sea and Mt. Fuji

Arrived safely at Toi Port. Suruga-Wan Ferry is easy to use and very convenient!

Please enjoy the 70-minute boat trip by all means.

Toi port

Shimizu port

Toi port

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