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5 Ways to Enjoy Lake Hamana

Lake Hamana is a large brackish lake just West of Hamamatsu City that is a popular destination for many of the locals due to the large array of activities and attractions in the area.

Here are 5 ways to enjoy this glorious lake and great reasons to add it to your Shizuoka adventure.


Most of the attractions and activities around the lake understandably are linked to the water.

Fishing, kayaking, wind surfing and wake boarding are all popular activities on the lake.

Off the water cycling, hiking and paragliding are popular attractions for the more active types whilst flower gardens, onsen resorts and temples are big attractions for those looking for a more relaxed holiday.


If you are looking for a truly unique experience while you are in Japan, don’t miss the Takiya-Ryo Night Spearfishing experience on Lake Hamana.

Setting out from the local boat dock at dusk, the experience starts with a short cruise out to the lake enjoying the sunset from the water.

For about 1.5 hours, the boat cruises around the shallows of the lake and using 8-foot long traditional trident-like spears to spike a wide variety of sea creatures – fish, crab and shrimp if they are in season.

Your catch is then cooked by the fisherman, while you relax on a floating dining raft close to shore.


Kanzanji Temple is a Zen temple located on the hillside of Mt. Tate, facing Uchiura Bay.

The temple shares its origins with Shuzenji Temple on the Izu Peninsula as it is said to have been established by the famous Zen Buddhist Monk Kobo Daishi.

The hot springs were drilled in the 1950s and the area quickly established itself as a onsen destination with many large resort hotels and ryokan being built.

The Kanzanji Onsen area is compact and offers many interesting attractions, restaurants and hot springs.

Take Kanzanji Ropeway to Mt. Okusa to take in spectacular views of the lake.



Thanks to long hours of sunlight and a warmer climate, the area around Lake Hamana is home to many kinds of flowers throughout the year.

The “Amazing Garden Lake Hamana” project consists of seven gardens that showcase the seasonal beauty of Hamamatsu in many colors.


Activities around Lake Hamana and Hamamatsu City

Hamamatsu City and Lake Hamana Official Site

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