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Shuzenji – The hot spring town of your dreams

For centuries Shuzenji Onsen has been a place for refuge & reflection – it is still the perfect spot to take a moment to refresh your body, mind and spirit.

open-air bath at Arairyokan



Shuzenji is often referred to as ‘Little Kyoto’ due to the fact that it has the feeling of Old Town Kyoto with cobbled streets, centuries old ryokan and temples that date back more than 1200 years – it even has a bamboo grove.

Bamboo Grove Path
Bamboo Grove Path – bamboo trees line both sides of the path

Shuzenji is much smaller and compact when compared with Kyoto, which makes it perfect for a slow quiet getaway.

Spend a day wandering through the charming town area and bamboo grove, enjoy foot baths, wasabi soft ice cream.

wasabi soft ice cream
wasabi soft ice cream


Although it does not share Kyoto’s historical relevance Shuzenji does have a unique and interesting history of its own.

The first prominent visitor to Shuzenji is Kobo Daishi – one of Japan’s most influential Zen Buddhist monks who founded the temples at Mount Koya in Wakayama.

Kobo Daishi is said to have visited in the 9th century and is said to have created the hot springs and established Shuzenji Temple.

In the early 13th century Kamakura period Minamoto Yoriie, who spent a very short time as Shogun of Japan, was exiled to Shuzenji.


Yagyu-no-Sho – one of the traditional Japanese inns in Shuzenji

The word of Omotenashi is a term used to describe Japanese hospitality and the practice of ensuring that once visitors arrive at traditional Japanese inns they are so well looked after that they need not worry about anything except total relaxation.

The tradition of Omotenashi has been refined over centuries in Shuzenji and there is arguably no better place to experience the true meaning of the word than here.

There is a variety of accommodation here, from some of Japan’s most luxury and traditional ryokan to the cozy minshuku and new hostels.

The Shuzenji Omotenashi Ryokan experience and will make you feel like you are a million miles away from all your worries and stress.


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