Bridge of Dreams

Take a journey on a steam locomotive deep into the forest covered mountains of Kawane, Shizuoka – discover turquoise waters nestled amongst a canvas of green in one of the most epic valleys in Japan.

Bridge of Dreams in Sumatakyo located in Kawanehon-cho is an 8-meter-high, 90-meter-long suspension bridge over the Oma Dam Lake. The emerald green lake viewed from the bridge and the rich nature of the Southern Alps are breathtaking.

When you arrive at the parking lot of Sumatakyo, the entrance of the hike to the bridge, there is a small cluster of shops and eateries. Scrumptious soba awaits. Right opposite is a classic local Japanese onsen, where you can refresh and recover tired muscles before moving on your expedition to the bridge.

Suikouen – A local Japanese ryokan

To the bridge, pass through the gate and walk along on the Sumatakyo Promenade Course (90 minutes).

As you walk, you will see a tunnel. Once you pass through the tunnel, there is a junction that takes you to either Bridge of Dreams or Hiryu Bridge. To reach Bridge of Dreams, take the right-side route.

Junction – take right side route toward the Bridge of Dreams

So far, we have been hiking up a gentle path, but the path ahead from the junction continues downhill. If you continue further along, our destination, Bridge of Dreams, will finally come into view.

Bridge of Dreams

The mystical sight of the suspension bridge surrounded by the beautiful lake and mountain greenery is so spectacular that you will forget that you have come a long way.

There is an old saying that if you wish for love near the center of the bridge, your wish will come true, making the bridge a popular “power spot” among young women and couples. In autumn, the leaves of the trees turn red and yellow, and you can enjoy the beautiful autumn colors.

Bridge of Dreams from the front

During busy times such as the autumn foliage season, there can be a long waiting line to cross the suspension bridge, so it would be wise to check the latest information in advance.

There are three bridges in Sumatakyo that visitors can enjoy at once, including the Sannami Bridge, Bridge of Dreams and Hiryu Bridge. As you continue walking along the stream of the Sumata River on the right, you will see the Sannami Bridge far below. At 96 meters, this suspension bridge is the longest of the three bridges. Only four people can cross at a time, making it a thrilling experience. The Sannami Bridge can be reached from Green Shower Road, so if you have time to spare, please visit here as well.

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  1. From Tokyo or Osaka, take the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen (bullet train) to Shizuoka Station.
  2. From Shizuoka Station take the local train to Kanaya Station. Then ride the Oigawa Railway and transfer at Ieyama Station to the bus bound for Senzu Station.
  3. From Senzu Station it is a 45 minute bus ride up to Sumatakyo Village

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