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Discover Hidden Gems in the Alps

3 Nights / 4 Days Helicopter Tour to The Japan Southern Alps

The Japan Southern Alps are truly hidden gems. A helicopter in “The Japan Southern Alps National Park Adventure Tour” will whisk you to the Mt. Ogochidake area (elevation: 2,802m) in only about 20 minutes, a journey that would typically take three days each way. From there you can enjoy an elegant stroll. This is the first helicopter hiking tour in Japan to the Japan Southern Alps National Park Class 1 Special Area. Weather permitting, it will be an unforgettable and special experience, as spectacular views of Mt. Fuji and the Japan Alps spread out before you.


After meeting the staff at Shizuoka Station, you will travel to Nihondaira Yume Terrace. Mt. Fuji can be admired on clear days. After that, check-in at Nippondaira Hotel. Dinner at the hotel.

Nippondaira Hotel


Depart from the heliport on the Nippondaira Hotel grounds for the Japan Southern Alps. In just 20 minutes, you will touch down near the summit of Mt. Ogochidake located in the Japan Southern Alps National Park.

Summit of Mt. Ogochidake

After descending by helicopter from Mt. Ogochidake to an elevation of around 1,000m, a private car will take you to the photo gallery at Sawarajima Lodge. At this gallery, you can see pictures of the splendor of the Japan Southern Alps in all four seasons. This is followed by lunch at Sawarajima Lodge.

You will tour the Ikawa Distillery. Whisky is made at a high altitude that is rare in the world, and this national park area is the source of its mother water. This is the most remote distillery in Japan and is not open to the public, but this tour’s participants are offered a special visit.

The photo gallery at Sawarajima Lodge
The Ikawa Distillery


You will aim for Senmai-goya Hut at an elevation of 2,500m. This tour takes you on a special one-hour ride in a private car on a route that is normally only accessible on foot. After arriving at Senmai-goya Hut, you will prepare for the ascent.

You will start climbing in top condition. You head for the summit of 2,880m Mt. Senmaidake together with an English-speaking mountain guide while taking in the great nature of the Japan Southern Alps.

On the way to the top of the mountain
On the way to the top of the mountain

At the summit awaits a spectacular view of the Japan Southern Alps, and Mt. Fuji can be admired on clear days.

The summit of Mt. Senmaidake

After climbing, you will take a private car down to Sawarajima Lodge from Senmai-goya Hut and take a rest. After that, you will head to the Sumatakyo Onsen (hot spring). You will soak in the hot springs and rejuvenate from the fatigue of climbing. Dinner will be served at a ryokan.

Sumatakyo-Onsen SUIKOEN


Taking a stroll in Sumatakyo. You will visit the Yume no Tsuribashi Suspension Bridge, selected by Tripadvisor as one of the “10 Pedestrian Suspension Bridges You Must Cross Before You Die”. After lunch, you will take a taxi to Shizuoka Station. The tour ends upon arrival at Shizuoka Station.

The Yume no Tsuribashi Suspension Brigge

In the majestic Japan Southern Alps, which are almost inaccessible to the public, enjoy the expansive natural wonder that is the pride of Shizuoka through a varied sightseeing itinerary including mounatin climbing, hiking, touring a whisky distillery, and soaking in hot springs.


・3 nights/4 days Active Plan Price (tax included): 920,000 yen (per adult/based on double occupancy) /670,000 yen (per adult/based on triple occupancy)

・The itinerary can be adjusted.
・The price includes one-way helicopter ride, one-way tax ride, accommodation at Nippondaira Hotel (incl. one dinner and one breakfast), accommodation at Sawarajima Lodge (incl. one dinner, one breakfast, and two lunch boxes), accommodation at Suikoen (or equivalent class ryokan) (incl. one dinner and one breakfast), transportation within the Japan Southern Alps (private car), guide fee, and environmental conservation and maintenance donation.

・A Basic Plan for 2 nights/3 days is also available.


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