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Mishima – A city built on the lava flow of Mt. Fuji

Spend a day in Mishima City wandering through pure streams flowing with snow-melt from Mt. Fuji.


Mishima City, just one hour from Tokyo Station on the Tokaido Bullet Train, is a green oasis town blessed by Mt. Fuji.

Mishima Baikamo
Tiny cute flowers of Mishima Baikamo – a water-crowfoot which is native to Mishima and only lives in the crystal-clear cold water.

Much of the city has been built on lahar and mud flow from Mt. Fuji’s eruption several thousand years ago.

As a result, the soil is rich in nutrients and there is an endless supply of fresh filtered water that flows through like a natural irrigation system.

Mishima is a Garden City with waterways running alongside many of the residential streets and a number of parks that spring to life in April.

Like most of the Shizuoka cities that have stations along the Tokaido Bullet Train line, there a number of attractions within walking distance that make a stop at Mishima Station worthwhile even if you just have half a day to spare.

Why rush to your destination when you can enjoy the journey along the way?

You can walk on the paving stones down the stream. 
You can walk along the paving stones down the stream. 


The Genbe River is the centerpiece of the city – a lovely slow flowing river that winds through the city and brings with it filtered snow melt from Mt. Fuji.

Stepping stones placed along the river to allow you to almost walk on water as you follow them through the town to Mishima Taisha Shrine.

Check out a walking tour to discover the natural wonders and cultural attractions the city has to offer.


Mishima is famous for its charbroiled eel that is prepared and washed in the naturally filtered Mt. Fuji water which is said to give it a fresh and clean taste.

People have been coming to Mishima from all around Japan for centuries just for the eel. The town’s most famous restaurant, Sakuraya, has been serving this dish since 1856.

Grilled eel glazed with a sweet sauce
Grilled Unagi (eel) glazed with a sweet sauce.

If eel is not to your taste, Mishima has plenty of other options. Read more…

Enjoy the soothing sound of the stream.
Enjoy the soothing sound of the stream.

In the area around Mishima Station, there are alleys of classic Japanese food options that cater to the crowd returning home from work and the restaurants and Izakaya bars in this area are buzzing at night.

If you are looking for a Western option the number of Italian restaurants and cafes have increased in recent years.

One of the local favorites is Dilettante Cafe – an Italian fusion cafe right on the edge of the river.

For more food options (including where to buy the popular Mishima Croquette) – Click Here


If you would like to get closer to Mt. Fuji, take a trip up notrth to the picturesque Mishima Skywalk.

The bridge boasts three No.1s – Japan’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, Suruga Bay, the deepest bay in Japan and of course Japan’s tallest mountain, Mt. Fuji.

If you are looking for more thrilling activities, there is a tree top park, a long zip slide and other outdoor activities available in the north area across the bridge.

Take in the awe-inspiring view of Mt. Fuji on a clear day.


From the end of March, when cherry blossoms start to bloom, through to the start of the rainy season in mid-June is an excellent time to visit this vibrant city.

Mishima Taisha shrine in Spring
Mishima Taisha Shrine in spring.

From late May, fireflies can be seen along the banks of the Genbe River and as the rainy season approaches the hydrangea are in full bloom.

Wading through the fresh Mt. Fuji water flowing through Mishima is a great way to cool down on hot Summer days.

If you want to improve your chances of seeing Mt. Fuji visit Mishima in the cooler months. Although cold, the weather is stable and the snow-clad mountain contrasts against clear blue skies. Read more…


A great thing about Mishima is that it is easy to get to – On the Tokaido Bullet Train from Tokyo Station you can get to Mishima Station in about an hour.

Once you are at Mishima Station most of the main attractions are easy walking distance from the South Exit.

Bicycle rental is also available from the station and other locations throughout the city.


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