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Fuji City – The gateway to Mt. Fuji

Fuji City is easily accessible from the Tokaido Bullet train station of Shin-Fuji & is the gateway to many great Mt. Fuji experiences.


Fuji City (not to be confused with Fujinomiya) is the gate-way city to Mt Fuji and is a great place to go to enjoy stunning views of the mountain with lesser crowds.

Located on the banks of Fuji River, the town is bordered by Suruga Bay on the Pacific Ocean and is the third-largest resident dwelling city in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Though more known for its industrial pursuits Fuji City is also well known for its green tea cultivation.

The city is perhaps best known as the city with the best views of Mt. Fuji from the window of the Tokaido Bullet train as you whizz past on the way to Kyoto.

But, as with much of Japan, dig a little deeper and you will discover a relatively unknown gem to experience Japanese local, cultural life, beautiful nature, and fun outdoor activities.


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What could be more iconic than Mt Fuji overlooking a perfectly symmetrical Green tea field?

Fuji City has a plethora of green tea available to taste and purchase, and ensure that you visit the famed Obuchi Sasaba and Imamiya Green Tea Plantations.

Obuchi Sasaba - Enjoy the view without power lines or any man-made objects obstructing
Enjoy the view without power lines or any manmade objects obstructing.

This tea plantation to the north of the city is famed for its rolling tea fields with its stunning backdrop of a snow-capped Mt Fuji. It hosts an annual tea festival during May.


In the 17th century, the Old Tokaido Highway became the most important thoroughfare for travelers connecting Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto.

Hidari Fuji : Yoshiwara was depicted in one of Hiroshige’s famous Ukiyoe prints. Credit: MOA Museum of Art

The highway runs through Fuji City where the 14th post town of Yoshiwara is located. Yoshiwara is known for its view of Mt. Fuji and now remains as a quaint shopping street. You can still see some remnants of yesteryears and follow the footprints of ancient travelers.

To visit what remains of Yoshiwara Juku take a small detour from the Main Tokaido Train line at Yoshiwara Station and catch the Local Gakunan Train to Yoshiwara Honcho Station.


If you’re looking to get out of the big city, away from the crowds and have a bit of a thrill seeking moment, did you know that you can do bungee jumping in Fuji City?!

Towering over the Sudo Valley, Bungy Japan has a jump of 54m high with stunning views of waterfalls and the city itself in the distance.

However, if leaping from great heights is not your thing, the area is stunning for it’s autumn koyo foliage, having a refreshing swim in the rivers during that intense summer heat, and simply just enjoying the beautiful natural scenery.

Camping is also possible in the area.


There are various cycling routes have been established through Fuji City which helps you to discover aspects of their rich history and culture.

At the Shin-Fuji Tourist Information Center, you can borrow a bike to leisurely take in the town’s sights.

A popular route takes you through Karigane Riverbank, arriving at Jissogi Temple where you can leave your bike, follow the temple path till you get to the start of the hiking path to Iwamotoyama Park.

Located on Mt Iwamoto, the park enjoys breathtaking views of not only Mt Fuji but surrounding Hakone, Suruga Bay, Izu Peninsula, and the Southern Alps.

It also has beautiful blooming ume, sakura trees, hydrangeas, azaleas depending on the season.

There are recommended courses to explore, with English maps available.


When you’re done cycling or walking around, head to Tagonoura Port to sample its famed Shirasu (whitebait / young sardines).

Caught from Suruga Bay during April – November, Shirasu is greatly enjoyed in a typical Shirasu-don where you can choose to have them raw or cooked on top of rice.

Typically served lighltly boiled or row.

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